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Burundi Kibingo Intenso Yeast


Elegant & Full

Notes of Fruitcake, Dried Black Cherry & Clove

A familiar Burundi cup profile of brown butter, baking spices and dried fruit, intensified with deeper fruit flavors and a creamier body. 

The nuanced notes in this experimental lot are the result of a controlled fermentation process using the Intenso yeast strain. Read on for more.




1800-2000 meters
Red Bourbon
Yeast Controlled Fermentation,  Washed, Dried on African Raised Beds
March - July 2018

Kibingo Washing Station: Experimental Fermentation

Kibingo Washing Station: Experimental Fermentation

This experimental offering comes to us from the Kibingo Washing Station. Inoculated with a specific strain of yeast to control the flavor development of the crop, Burundi Kibingo Intenso is an artful expression of precision and craft.

The Kibingo Washing Station is set high in the mountains of the Kayanza district in Burundi, just over the border from Rwanda. Kibingo is a part of a group of washing stations owned and operated by our partners at Greenco, an organization which has elevated coffee quality in the Kayanza district through their dedication to perfection in coffee processing.

Every year, coffee from Greenco’s washing stations grace the top ten spots of the famed Burundi Cup of Excellence. This year, we were able to purchase small lots from three of Greenco’s washing stations - Kibingo, Nemba, and Gakenke.

We paid a premium for this particular lot, the result one of many experimental processing projects Greenco is undertaking at their washing station. In the typical washed process, a coffee cherry’s skin and fruit is removed by a de-pulper and the slimy seed inside is left to ferment for roughly 18 hours. Traditionally, this fermentation happens without any added ingredients, as the plant’s natural enzymes––pectinase, and wild yeasts––go to work breaking down the fruit layer remaining on the seed. But in recent years, folks have begun experimenting with inoculating these fermentation tanks with specific strains of yeast to more reliably control the fermentation process and test how different yeast strains impact flavor.

This small, five bag lot is one of those experiments. Fermented using a strain of yeast called Intenso, notes of brown butter, baking spices and dried fruit, familiar to coffees from Burundi, are intensified and rounded out to create a rich and elegant profile. The result is a cup with a creamier body and deeper, fruit flavors.

We’re excited to continue supporting experimentation in coffee processing, exploring the boundaries of what’s possible and sharing a whole new experience of coffee with you.

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