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Colombia Santa Barbara


Round & Crisp

Notes of Green Apple, Maple Syrup & Door County Cherry

Crisp green apple like acidity is balanced by notes of sweet maple syrup. This big bodied coffee revels cherry notes when cool.




1700-2200 meters
Caturra, Colombia, Castillo
Dry Fermented, Washed, Raised Bed Dried


May - July 2018


Santa Barbara, Nariño

Santa Barbara

About Colombia Santa Barbara

Success as a coffee farmer does not come easily. Cultivating a crop worthy of international recognition demands countless hours of hard labor, an unwavering dedication to quality, and more than a little luck. But Colombia Santa Barbara is a testament to the richness that comes from struggle, community, and a commitment to excellence.

In 2005. a coffee called El Aguacate ["The Avocado"] won the Colombia Cup of Excellence, one of the most competitive coffee competitions in the world. The sample that won was submitted under the farmer name Gregorio Arnulfo Botina, however the jurors didn’t know that the lot was actually the product of eighteen different farmers all living near one another in Sandoná, Nariño. United in their craft and commitment to each other, this community of farmers have continued to produce incredible coffees in the decade that’s followed. Supporting one another through the Roya crisis and the recovery that followed, they remain at the top of their game.

Our partners at Caravela Coffee built a cupping lab and bodega in Santa Barbara, the rural highlands near Sandoná, to work with these farmers and their neighbors. Here they cup through every farmer's delivery and seperate lots by tiers of quality. This group only producers 100 bags of the famed El Aguacate each year and we’re lucky to be able to offer it to you. Never resting on their laurels, this coffee remains an exceptional find. Expect crisp green apple acidity, maple syrup-like sweetness and dried cherry fruit qualities from this big bodied cup.

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