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Ethiopia Okoluu Natural Process


Syrupy & Complex

Notes of Dried Apricot, Black Tea & Floral

Notes of toffee and black tea are punctuated by intensely sweet peach and dried apricot flavors, finishing with a delicate florality.




2000-2150 meters
Ethiopian Heirloom Varieties
Natural Processed. Cherries Dried in a Thin Layer on African Raised Beds.
October 2018 - January 2019
Okoluu, East Guji

Okoluu Farmers Group


There’s always a buzz in our cupping lab when we come across a natural process coffee that really blows us away. Bright, clean, huge fruit notes and a syrupy body are the marks of naturals that we get really excited about. And this coffee from the Okoluu Farmers Group in East Guji is no exception. With plenty of that bold, dried fruit sweetness, Ethiopia Okoluu’s many layered flavors create a delicate and nuanced cup.

If you’ve never encountered a natural process coffee, let us make an introduction. In the more typical “washed process,” a coffee beans is dried after removing the flesh of the cherry. Coffees are considered “natural process” when the coffee cherry – bean and all – is dried with its fruit intact, enhancing a coffee’s inherent fruity flavors.

This coffee comes to us from a group of just 30 farmers who neighbor each other in the small kebele (town) of Okoluu in Ethiopia. These producers have partnered with an expert in natural process coffees to help improve their systems, avoid the inconsistencies that often plague the delicate process, and achieve the very best flavor profile. By picking only ripe coffee cherries, spreading those cherries in a thin layer on a raised bed to dry, and turning the coffee a minimum of six times per day over the course of two weeks, they’re able to craft a clean and nuanced coffee.

Their fastidious care has paid off in a big way. Imbued with that complex fruit sweetness, Ethiopia Okoluu’s layers unfold with every sip.

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