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Kenya Mbeguka


Bright & Dynamic

Notes of Persimmon, Kumquat & Sucanat

Lovely, raw sugar sweetness with a generous, round mouthfeel and textured flavors of zesty kumquat and persimmon.




1650 meters
5,000 trees of SL28 & 200 trees Ruiru 11
Dry Ferment, Wash, Overnight Soak, Raised Bed Drying
October 2017 - December 2017
Kibugu Village, Embu County


About Mbeguka

In the 1990s and early 2000s, the Kenyan coffee industry was on the edge of collapse. Farmers began to abandon the crop, fearing bottomed-out prices and easy exploitation by middlemen. But Kithinji Kabiru did the opposite. Instead of pulling out, he began to invest in processing his coffee himself, adding value to the raw cherries.

Kithinji now cultivates 17 acres at his farm, Mbeguka. By managing his crop intensively––amending the soil with natural, manure fertilizer and hand weeding constantly throughout the growing season––Kithinji is able to consistently raise a bumper crop. As cherries ripen during the harvest, Kithinji picks coffee in six to seven harvest. He selects only perfectly mature fruit and, after being collected, the cherries are depulped, dry fermented for 24 hours, soaked for another day, and finally dried on raised beds. Last year Mbeguka yielded roughly sixty-five bags of this exceptional green coffee.

This is our third year working directly with Kithinji. In 2013, our exporting partners began to separate out specific, single-farmer lots, allowing us to develop direct relationships with our farmers in Kenya. This shift from an anonymous market to a transparent, producer-tethered exchange was a welcome change, and one we had been pushing for a decade. By shifting to a connection based on a relationship, instead of just a transaction, we are able to learn the stories and struggles of our farmer partners and gain insight into how we can better support them.

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