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Organic Colombia Las Perlas


Chocolate & Floral

Notes of Dark Chocolate, Lime Zest & White Flowers

A sweet, dark chocolate base is contasted with bright lime-like acidity. Deep stone fruit flavors give way to a lingering floral aftertaste.




2000-2400 meters
Caturra, Typica and F8
Dry Fermentation, Washed, Raised Bed Drying
May 2017 - August 2017
Las Perlas, Tolima


About Agprocem

Coffees from Las Perlas are some of the highest grown Colombian coffees we’ve tasted this year. Farms in this area start at 2000m and can get as high as 2400m. This altitude makes coffee cherries develop more slowly, giving the coffee a more concentrated and dynamic sweetness. This coffee is an excellent example of how favorable altitude intensifies the unique characteristics of a coffee.

This July, in the peak of the harvest season in Colombia, we visited the town of Planadas, which is the center of coffee production in the area. This small city consists of a few main streets that are lined with coffee bodegas. In a 10 minute walk, you pass by the offices of 4-5 different groups that we’ve worked with over the years -- each with their own cupping lab that evaluates deliveries from member farmers in the surrounding area.

One such group is a small association of farmers called Agprocem. Agprocem’s 35 members live and farm in the highlands surrounding Las Perlas. At their headquarters in Planadas, they provide training to members on quality control and best farming practices. This year, they broke ground on a dry mill right next to their bodega, which will allow them to have more control over their final product. Las Perlas is the first coffee we’ll highlight from this sourcing trip, and we’re excited to share this and other exceptional coffees from the Planadas area in the months to come.

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