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Organic Peru El Diamante


Bright & Confectionary

Notes of Chocolate, Cherry & Honey

A confectionary sweetness reminiscent of chocolate covered cherries is balanced by well structured citrus acidity, finishing like floral honey.




1900 meters
Dry Fermentation, Washed, Dried on Raised Beds
October 2018 - January 2019
San José De Lourdes

Lizandro Marino Gutiérrez

Lizandro Marino Gutiérrez

This coffee is a testament to the power of young people. It offers us – and we don’t say this lightly – some hope.

The children of coffee farmers coming of age now have been met with a sobering reality: the commodity price of coffee can’t pay the bills and climate change is reeking havoc on their family’s livelihoods. As La Roya spreads and the C-Market continues to plummet, it’s no wonder why so many young people have chosen to leave the farm. But for those who have stayed, they have rallied around a clear call-to-action: innovate, innovate, innovate.

Lizandro Marino Gutiérrez is one of those people. At just 22 years old, Lizandro is a leader in his agricultural community in the small town of El Diamante. Driven by a passion to harness the potential of his region’s unique microclimates and coffee varieties, Lizandro, along with his peers, is cultivating some of the best coffee in Peru.

Lizandro is part of a collection of young farmers who have partnered up with a youth-driven coffee export start-up in Jaén, called Norcafe. In true millennial form, we first found out about Norcafe on Instagram, when one their owners reached out to us. A few months later and we were in their cupping lab, tasting through lots. The space was abuzz, and the excitement? And it was infectious. Here, we thought, is something special.

On his farm, Lizandro tends two full hectares of the Caturra variety. One of our favorite traditional varieties in Peru, this lot comes exclusively from that plot and is full of the characteristic milk chocolate and citrus qualities this variety is known for. Sweet like candy, and with a good story to match, Peru El Diamante lives up to its name: it’s a “diamond” alright.

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