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Organic Peru Familia Padilla


Sweet & Nuanced

Notes of Milk Chocolate, Nectarine & Plum

Milk chocolate sweetness is balanced with a soft nectarine-like acidity. A plum quality adds sweetness and dimension and gives way to a floral aftertaste.




1800-1850 meters
Caturra, Pache
12 Hour In-Cherry Fermentation, 18-24 Hours Dry Fermentation, Washed, Patio Dried


July - August 2018


Progreso, Cajamarca

Padilla Family

Padilla Family

Leaving the bustling town of Jaén in Northern Peru, rows of busy coffee bodegas quickly fade into the background as you rise into the Andes. Winding through bumpy, serpentine roads, you slowly ascend, passing small family farms. At 1800 meters, you arrive in the town of Progreso and the home of the Padillas.

Florian Padilla and his three brothers farm on neighboring parcels, sharing in the labor. They follow the the Minga tradition, which roughly translates as “today for me, tomorrow for you.” Minga is essentially the practice of community: It is the commitment to work collectively for the betterment of all. Practicing the principles of Minga, the brothers work on one other’s farm in turn, laboring together to accomplish more in a day than any one individual could on their own.

This coffee comes from the farms of Florian and his brother Pedro Padilla. While their farms, El Pepino (“The Cucumber”) and El Oso (“The Bear”), make for unusual partnership in name, they have worked together successfully to raise generous coffee crops for more than a decade. Their careful cultivation of traditional varieties, such as Pache and Caturra, along with the farms’ favorable altitudes and the Padillas' attention to detail when picking and processing, lead to a cup that bursts with intertwined flavors of plum, cocoa and nectarine.

This is our first year working with the Padillas and Origin Coffee Lab, the farmer-integrated, quality-focused exporter of this coffee. With their sights set on building a central washing station in the coming years, we’re eager to grow our partnership with the Padillas and see the richness that can come from a dedication to farming in community, to Minga.

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