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Organic Peru La Palma


Bright & Confectionary

Notes of Milk Chocolate, Tangerine & Apricot

Milk chocolate sweetness is layered with vibrant notes of apricot and tangerine, to give way to a clean, lightly floral finish.




1790 meters
Yellow Caturra, Caturra, Bourbon, Pache
30-Hour Dry Fermentation, Washed, Dried 12-15 Days on Raised Beds
June - October 2019
Chirinos, San Ignacio

Aurelio Marin Mires

Aurelio Marin Mires

When asked why he continues to cultivate coffee, Aurelio Marin Mires has a simple response: tradition. A third generation coffee farmer, Aurelio’s roots run deep. But just because he is no stranger to the land he tends, that does not mean coffee farming is an easy way of life.

In 2010, coffee farmers throughout Latin America were stunned to find their coffee trees withered. La Roya, or “leaf rust,” had begun its ominous journey. A crippling leaf fungus, once La Roya is introduced to a region, it can reduce whole hillsides of productive coffee plants to barren expenses in a matter of years. In its wake, countless farms faced economic ruin and longstanding coffee farming lineages were lost.

The solution, for many, came in the form of hybrid varieties developed for La Roya resistance. The trouble is, these hybrids don’t taste nearly as good and their inbred resistance hardly makes them infallible. Susceptible to other diseases, the rise of these hybrid varieties launched a monoculture movement that stripped many regions of the biodiversity that had protected them from crop failure for generations. And these hybrids also limited farmers’ abilities to win higher prices, flooding the market with their dry, woody flavor profile.

Nearly a decade after La Roya first struck, it’s even harder to find farms that are cultivating sweeter, more complex traditional varieties. Aurelio’s farm, La Palma, is one of those rare farms. Aurelio farms in the name of tradition, and now more than ever, the varietals that make up the fabric of those traditions are at stake. A blend of some of our favorites, Organic Peru La Palma makes for a layered and vibrant cup. Simply put: it’s a coffee worth fighting for.

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