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Organic Revelry Holiday Blend


Merry & Bright

Notes of Cocoa, Fruitcake & Honeysuckle

Sweet milk chocolate is balanced by lively lime-like acidity and an aromatic, fruity aftertaste.


Ingredients: 33% Colombia Fondo Paez, 33% Ethiopia Hama Rago Natural Process & 33% Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Idido




1500-2400 meters
Typica, Bourbon, Colombia, Ethiopia Heirloom Varieties
Washed and Natural, Raised Bed Drying
Fondo Paez: April - July 2018

Hama: October - December 2017

Idido: November - January 2018
Kochere & Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia Popayan, Cauca, Colombia

Organic Revelry Holiday Blend

About Organic Revelry Holiday Blend

Though the light may dwindle, there is a certain sparkle to the holidays. The shimmer of fresh snow and the glitter of tinsel gives a skip to our step even in the depths of winter. As friends gather close and the cold creeps in, we remember the light to be found in these days of flurries and frost.

This year, we wanted to create a holiday blend that captured the brilliance of this time of year. We decided to shoot for the moon and craft a coffee that could be rivaled by none. A festive gathering of three washed and natural process coffees, Revelry represents the best of the best. Rich yet fruity and with stories well suited for a fireside retelling, the results are a cup worthy of the season. Spirited, fruity, and luminous, this coffee is a true celebration.


Our history with the Fondo Paez Cooperative runs deep. Kickapoo Coffee co-owner, TJ Semanchin, met with the community in 2004 when he first traveled to Colombia. The Paez are the largest indigenous group in the country and the 550 farmers of the Fondo Paez Cooperative are passionate about growing high quality, ecologically responsible coffee. But this ambition is tethered to a greater goal; to create economic stability for their community and ensure the preservation of their cultural heritage. That year, TJ became the first coffee buyer to visit the community and a real partnership was born.

Inspired by their vision, we also continue to be impressed by the quality of Fondo Paez's coffee. Recognized as one of the best coffees in the world, in 2008 Coffee Review scored our roast of Fondo Paez a 95 (the highest for any Colombian coffee that year), and in 2014 they scored it a 93. We count ourselves truly fortunate to be able to work with the farmers of Fondo Paez Cooperative, to learn from them and to bring their outstanding coffee to you.


In the the highlands of Kochere, Ethiopia, goats trail alongside motorcycles as they skirt across the countryside and raised beds heavy with ripe red cherries dry slowly in the sun. Here the 1,847 members of the Hama Cooperative cultivate some of world's best coffee. A member of the Yirgacheffe Union, the cooperative sources coffee from the Kochere region.

This particular lot comes from one of the highest altitude kebeles (towns) in Kochere, called Rago. Legends name this region as the birthplace of coffee, and you can still find heirloom varieties growing wild alongside the road. The acidic, iron-rich soil of this region and its high altitude infuses the cherry with a fruity, aromatic quality distinctive to the place. A natural process coffee, the cherries are picked at the peak of ripeness and allowed to dry on the coffee seed atop raised beds. When done well, this process imparts dynamic and nuanced fruit flavors to the final cup. This year’s Hama Rago is an example of doing it right. Jammy and aromatic, this natural process coffee blooms beautifully in the cup, offering a lingering brightness.


Ethiopia Idido makes an impression. Its explosive aromatics and unique, crisp citrus profile continue to earn this coffee, and the farmer cooperative behind it, praise year after year. Our 2013 roast of Idido was named one of the top 15 coffees of the year by Coffee Review and our 2014 and 2016 roasts received Good Food Awards.

Named for the community located just a few kilometers from the cooperative, the Idido Cooperative was founded in the 1970s and joined the ranks of Yirgacheffe Farmer's Union in 2002. While its 1,000 member cooperative is large, each farmer cultivates a modest smallholding––growing cherries on an average of three to four acres. Kickapoo has been working with the Idido Cooperative for the last six seasons, and we’ve been able to travel to Idido and strengthen our relationship with this exceptional community over the past few years. Their harvests continues to capture the hard work and dedication of the cooperative to quality coffee. And this season’s crop is no exception.

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