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Organic Spring Blend


Crisp & Inviting

Notes of Milk Chocolate, Cherry & Plum

Confectionary sweetness is balanced with crisp orange like acidity, finishing with dried cherry and plum.

Visit our blog to learn more about Nick Wroblewski, the artist created the woodcut art for each of our blends.




1800-2200 meters
Typica, Bourbon, Caturra, Colombia
Dry Fermented, Washed, Raised Bed Dried
July - October 2018

Cajamarca, Peru

Cauca, Colombia

Organic Spring Blend

About Organic Spring Blend

In spring, everything feels new. A robin’s call and the buttery yellow of a blooming daffodil jolts us from our frozen slumber. Soft, green leaves burst from their buds. The sun creeps out, windows are cracked open and life rushes in.

This year’s Spring Blend features coffees from two of our longest standing partnerships, Fondo Paez Cooperative in Colombia and Cenfrocafe Cooperative in Peru. As sweet and crisp as a warm April morning, this blend reminds us of the lush, new life that continues to sprout from deep roots and old friendships.

About Fondo Paez
The 550 farmers of the Fondo Paez Cooperative are passionate about growing high quality, ecologically responsible coffee, but only as part of a larger strategy to achieve their ambitious goals as a community. The Paez are the largest indigenous group in Colombia. Through coffee, the Paez work to support a sustainable economy and ecology, but most importantly, the preservation of their cultural traditions.

Our relationship with Fondo Paez began back in 2004, when Kickapoo co-owner, TJ Semanchin, became the first coffee buyer to visit the community. The trip was not without risk––the countryside was embroiled in the long-standing war between the Colombian government and the FARC guerillas––but the Paez's integrity and determination eased his fear and a real partnership was born.

About Cenfrocafe
We've been working with the Cenfrocafe Cooperative for nearly a decade. In fact, the very first full container of coffee we brought as a company was from the Cenfrocafe Cooperative, a huge milestone for our business. Over the years, Cenfrocafe has grown steadily––a trend that bodes well for the organization and the many farmer communities it supports. But, growth can also create distance. As we’ve grown up alongside Cenfrocafe, we’ve worked to nurture more intimate relationships to specific municipalities within the organization, learning from their stories and experiences. This year’s Spring Blend features coffees from three of these communities: Huabal, Chirinos and Tabaconas.

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