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Organic Colombia La Regina


Syrupy & Complex

Notes of Chocolate, Citrus and Stone Fruit

A syrupy sweet chocolate base is balanced by crisp citrus acidity finishing with deep cherry and plum




1800 meters
Caturra, Castillo, Bourbon & Colombia
Dry Fermented, Washed, Dried on Raised Beds
April - July 2019
Inzá, Cauca

The Pillimue Farmers Group


The most recent release in our series of high quality, single-farmer lots from the Inzá region, Colombia La Regina, or “The Queen,” lives up to its namesake. Grown by Fabio Nelson Sanchez, this unique microlot is a celebration of deep rooted legacies.

Inzá is a tiny valley, tucked between the verdant mountains of Cauca. The high valley’s isolation – both geographically and politically imposed – has allowed it to retain a more traditional coffee landscape. And in the last few years, it has become known as a rare source for flavor profiles that have become increasingly elusive in Colombia with the rise of La Roya-resistant, hybrid varieties, such as Castillo.

Coffee can be defined by lineages – by the heirloom varieties intrinsic to a region, or by the farmers that steward the land, passing it from one generation to the next. The stories that define a coffee extend far beyond a single growing season.

For years, Fabio Nelson worked on farms around La Palmera, hoping to one day buy his own plot of land. His lucky break came when a retiring producer proposed a partnership. Together they created a farm succession plan that guaranteed the elderly farmer a place on the land she had called home for decades while ensuring a productive future for the small farm. And with that, La Regina and its crown jewels, the farm’s well established traditional varieties, were passed down to the next generation.

Syrupy and layered, Colombia La Regina may be a single farmer’s harvest, but it celebrates the story of a community and the invaluable agricultural inheritance rooted in the land.

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