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Organic Driftless


Cozy & Balanced

Notes of Plum, Toffee & Cocoa Powder

Gentle cocoa sweetness and a graham cracker finish. This is the coffee you'd want to bring home to mom.

Ingredients: 83.5% Peru San Fernando, 16.5% Ecuador Ilda Mayo 

Visit our blog to learn more about Nick Wroblewski, the artist created the woodcut art for each of our blends.






San Fernando Cooperative

Ilda Mayo

Cusco, Peru

Loja, Ecuador

Organic Driftless

About Organic Driftless

Here's a coffee for people who know what they like and like what they know. Classic, reliable, tried-and-true--call it whatever you like, Driftless is just plain lovely.

The inspiration of this blend is the place we call home, the Driftless Region. We asked ourselves, how do we make a coffee that reflects what we love most about where we are? Its particular, unassuming, yet exceptional charm? We started by selecting our favorite Central and South American coffees, choosing the lots that have been crowd-pleasers in years past, coffees that would provide a balance of body, sparkling acidity and sweetness. Then we roasted them to a medium, cozy depth to make sure that goodness stays sweet and balanced.

The results are a gentle cocoa sweetness and a lingering graham cracker finish that's simple, compelling and approachable.

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