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Bright & Punchy

Notes of Orange Creamsicle, Floral & Black Tea

Fruit-forward and intense, Ultraviolet bends the coffee rules. For the adventurous and vibrant.

Ingredients: 80% Burundi Gahahe, 20% Burundi Kibingo Natural Process

Visit our blog to learn more about Nick Wroblewski, the artist created the woodcut art for each of our blends.





Gahahe & Kibingo Washing Stations

Kayanza, Burundi


About Ultraviolet

This is a blend for coffee lovers who think they don't like blends--meaning it's expressive, aggressive, and big on fruits, florality and complexity.

We like to keep the name of this blend in mind when selecting what coffees will make it up--ultraviolet light is that light which goes beyond the visual field. How does that translate to coffee? Well, to us it means pushing boundaries and going further. Ultraviolet is unlike any blend you've had before. We select coffees from our favorite origins--Ethiopia, Kenya, and Colombia are usual suspects--and roast them to accentuate everything that's best about them.

The results are a sparkling, fruit-forward blend of distinguished coffees that just may become your new favorite.

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