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Our pursuit of amazing coffee is guided by gratitude for coffee farmers.

In order to find coffees that satisfy our stringent quality protocol and secure the future of the farmers and farms our coffees come from, we’ve developed a sourcing model that is one of a kind. We put farmers at the center of what we do. We recognize their expertise as well as their right to fair compensation and a democratic voice.

At the heart of our model is a desire for relationships and closeness. Throughout the year, we are traveling to origin to spend time with farmers, and our time on the farm is deliberate and critical. As we and the farmers we work with learn more about each other, we become better partners; and as our relationships become more transparent, the more trust we share.  Our time at origin also helps us become more familiar with the unique varietals, processing methods, and micro-climates that distinguish every cup.

To get even closer to our farmer partners, we've become more engaged with the importing process itself. In order to do this, we joined Cooperative Coffees, an innovative roaster-owned cooperative. The genius of this model is that it brings farmers and roasters to the same table, bridging the gaps that traditionally exists in the coffee market.

Cooperative Coffees helps to make our impact at origin larger. We are able to offer crucial pre-harvest financing to our long-time cooperative partners, shouldering some of the risk that traditionally has fallen on those members of the supply chain least able to handle it. Collectively, we also donate .05 per pound to producers in Latin America, supporting local, community-based programs run by the producer and their families. Over the years, our fair trade purchases have helped to fund countless projects in more than a dozen countries.

We don't believe there is any one certification that can account for the complex set of decisions and relationships that are negotiated every time we purchase coffee. If we were to claim to be certain about any aspect of sourcing, it’s that keeping farmers in sight and staying open to learning is essential. For us, that's what farmer focused sourcing is all about.