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What you'll need

- 1 -

Toddy Cold Brew System

- 2 -

Fresh, whole bean coffee

- 3 -


We recommend a burr grinder instead of a blade grinder. A burr grinder provides a much more consistent grind resulting in a more even extraction and a better brew.

- 4 -


- 5 -


- 6 -

Filtered water

- 7 -


Cold Brew coffee is wonderfully simple and refreshing on a hot summer afternoon.

Step one: measure coffee

Measure out 1 lb. of coffee.

Step two: Grind coffee

Grind coffee on a coarse grind.

Step three: Insert stopper

Insert stopper in the the bottom of brewer.

Step four: Insert filter

Dampen and insert filter into the bottom of the brewing vessel.

Step five: Place brewer

Place brewer over glass decanter.

Step six: Pour coffee into brewer

Step seven: Add water

Fill brewer with cold, filtered water until full.

Step eight: Steep

Steep your coffee grounds for 19 to 21 hours.

Step nine: Remove stopper

Remove stopper to allow coffee concentrate to empty into decanter.

Step ten: Serve & Enjoy

Serve over ice using a 1:1 ratio of concentrate to water and cheers to delicious coffee!