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What you'll need

- 1 -

Kalita Wave 185 Stainless Dripper

- 2 -

Kalita Wave 185 filters

- 3 -

Fresh, whole bean coffee

- 4 -


We recommend a burr grinder instead of a blade grinder. A burr grinder provides a much more consistent grind resulting in a more even extraction and a better brew.

- 5 -


- 6 -


- 7 -

Water kettle

We recommend a gooseneck kettle, which allows for more control over your pour.

- 8 -


- 9 -


Although there are several ways to make a pourover, we’ve chosen to use the Kalita Wave 185 Stainless Dripper at our roastery and in our cafes. The Wave behaves differently when brewing and produces coffee that tastes different than other brewers. Unlike the true cone-shaped drippers, which require manual agitation (stirring) to promote a uniform exaction of the coffee bed, the kalita’s truncated cone design will evenly extract without much fuss.

Step one: Heat water

Heat water to just off boil. We recommend a temperature of 205-210 F.

Step two: Warm & Rinse

Place filter into Kalita and pour in some water to warm the vessel and rinse the filter.

Step three: Measure coffee

Measure out coffee. We recommend a 1:16 ratio of coffee to water. For example, we use 22 grams of coffee and 350 grams of water in our cafes. If this ratio is too weak or too strong, feel free to add more or less coffee according to your preferences.

Step four: Grind coffee

Grind coffee on medium grind.

Step five: Place on Scale

Empty decanter of rinse water and place on scale.

Step six: Add coffee

Pour ground coffee into filter and even out grounds bed.

Step seven: Tare scale

Step eight: add water for bloom

Start timer, add 45 grams of water and make sure that the grounds are saturated.

Step nine: Let Bloom

Allow to "bloom" for 45 seconds

Step ten: Water Pulses

Begin adding water in gentle, controlled approximately 100 gram pulses that start at the center of the coffee and spiral their way outward without disturbing the wall of the filter.

Step eleven: Add rest of water

Aim to have added all 350 grams of water by 2:00.

Step twelve: Allow to drawdown

Drawdown should be complete by 2:30 to 2:45.

Step thirteen: Compost

Compost filter and grounds, pour into your favorite mug and cheers to delicious coffee!