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Burundi Gakenke Washed


Sweet & Complex

Notes of Brown Sugar, Nectarine & Floral

Dynamic nectarine, plum and spice qualities are supported by a brown sugar-like sweetness and slightly floral finish.




1670-1800 meters
Underwater Fermentation, Washed, 10-Hour Soak in Fresh Water, Dried on Raised Beds
May - July 2018

Gakenke Washing Station

Gakenke Washing Station

The Gakenke washing station is set high in the mountains of the Kayanza district in Burundi, just over the border from Rwanda. During the harvest season - day in and day out - a professional team of coffee processors sort, depulp, ferment and dry coffee cherries delivered by farmers working the surrounding land. Coffee grown in Kayanza is almost exclusively the Red Bourbon variety, a darling of the specialty coffee world renowned for its sweet and clean cup. Paired with Kayanza’s high altitude and favorable climate, the region is able to produce some of the world’s best coffee.

Gakenke is a part of a group of washing stations owned and operated by our partners at Greenco, an organization that has elevated coffee quality in the Kayanza district through their dedication to perfection in coffee processing. Every year, coffee from Greenco’s washing stations grace the top ten spots of the famed Burundi Cup of Excellence. This year, we were able to purchase small lots from three of Greenco’s washing stations - Kibingo, Nemba, and Gakenke. We’ll be releasing these roasts at the peak of their seasonality, offering you the chance to taste the unique profiles of each harvest.

Coffee from Gakenke has a distinct cup quality, with layered flavors of nectarine, plum and brown sugar. The best brews reveal a delicate floral finish. This complex cup is a unique expression of what Burundi coffees have to offer, and is one of our favorite lots from this season.

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