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Burundi Nemba Washed


Bright & Elegant

Notes of Sugar Cookie, Apricot & Spice

Ginger cookie sweetness, layered with a bouquet of apricot, Meyer lemon and spice.




1800-2100 meters
Red Bourbon
Underwater Fermentation, Washed, 10-hour Soak in Fresh Water, Dried on Raised Beds
March - July 2018

Nemba Washing Station

Nemba Washing Station

Sometimes good intentions lead us down unknown paths. Fortunately, when it comes to coffee, there's usually something special at the end of those crooked roads. This coffee, and the story that comes with it, is no exception.

See, when we bought this coffee, we also bought a herd of goats.

In February of 2017, we committed to guaranteeing farmer's better compensation. We set an industry-leading baseline price for all the coffee we purchase––more than 40% above the organic fair trade guarantee. The only problem was these wonderful coffees from Burundi didn't cost enough. The solution wasn't simply writing a bigger check to our exporter, because our guaranteed price has to go back to farmers, not our trading partners.

Fortunately, Greenco, the company we worked with to bring these coffees in-house, are an exceptionally creative and engaged group of people. They proposed that we used the additional funds we wanted to pay for these coffees to purchase goats to be distributed to the communities that grew the coffee, a resource that would diversify their incomes and help them become more economically stable. And so our pursuit of a coffee and price worthy of it led us into livestock.

Nearly two years and two herds later, we’re committed as ever to this unusual venture. The Nemba coffees are truly remarkable. They've been standouts in Burundi's Cup of Excellence competitions and have been a favorite of ours for years. We never anticipated getting into the goat trade, but we're honored to be building a deeper connection to the farmers in the Nemba community. So here's to heading into uncharted territory and finding what you didn't know you were looking for.

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