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Organic Project Congo Muungano


Deep & Bright

Notes of Orange, Blackberry & Spice

Orange and spice give way to a honey-like sweetness and a bright aftertaste.

For every pound of Project Congo Muungano sold, we donate $1 to On the Ground's Project Congo for gender equity and the expansion of the role of women in regional coffee production.




1500-2000 meters
Wet Fermentation, Soak, 14-Day Raised Bed Drying
May 2018 - July 2018
Kalihi, Southern Kivu

Muungano Cooperative

About Muungano Cooperative

The worth of this coffee is measured not only by the richness and complexity of its flavor, but by the message it carries.

In Swahili, Muungano means "togetherness," and it is a guiding principle for the farmers of the Muungano Coffee Cooperative. For many years, the people of Eastern Congo––the Bahunde, Bahavu, Bashi, Batembo, and Rwandan Congolese––were divided by war. Their region destabilized and their families torn apart, in 2009 the 350 founding members of the Cooperative committed to weaving these communities back together and investing in their collective future. In the following decade, Muungano has grown to over 4300 member-farmers, nearly half of them women. Empowered by their trade, these women are paving the way in a society plagued by gender inequity and violence.

The farmers of the Muungano Cooperative’s commitment to their communities is reflected in their land practices. Set against the backdrop of Lake Kivu, the region’s nutrient-rich, volcanic soil and high altitudes are ideal for growing top-grade specialty coffee, and the Cooperative’s farmer-members are dedicated to fulfilling that potential. They have invested in coffee nurseries and micro-washing stations and in 2013 they built a coffee cupping laboratory, which aides in quality control from seed to green bean. Since the cooperative's inception, farmers have tended their farms naturally using homemade compost and mulch and in 2017 the Cooperative obtained organic certification. With coffee plants growing among homes in their villages, the members of Muungano recognize the intimate connection between their cultivation practices and the health and wellbeing of their land and neighbors. Farmers are also taking measures to combat the risk of landslides in heavy rain by planting trees with deep roots that will strengthen the soil structure.

Project Congo is a part of our continued collaboration with our friends at On The Ground, a non-profit working on community development projects in coffee growing regions. Through our Project Congo initiative, we are able to donate $1 for every pound sold of this exceptional Congolese coffee to promote, support, and raise awareness of gender equality in the farming regions of the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

For more information about Project Congo, please visit our blog at kickapoocoffee.com/projectcongo

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