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Kenya Karatu Peaberry


Syrupy & Bright

Notes of Fig, Lime & Black Currant

Sweet-tart black currant and fig are supported by a structured lime-like acidity and syrupy sweet body




1880 meters
Centrally Processed, Dry Fermentation, Washed, Raised Bed Dried


November 2017 - February 2018



Karatu Coffee Factory

Karatu Coffee Factory

At the peak of the harvest, farmers from all over Kiambu County travel to the Karatu Coffee Factory, carrying bags heavy with ripe cherries. This is where this coffee begins its journey to you.

Karatu is a large washing station. Here, cherries purchased directly from farmers are processed by a team of professionals, resulting in impeccable quality and consistency. This distinguishes Kenyan coffee from that of most of Latin America, where coffee is primarily processed directly on the farm, increasing disparities in quality. While the coffees are centrally processed, they remain tethered to their farm of origin. Farmers delivering cherries are given a code that follows their coffee all the way through the supply chain, adding a layer of transparency that is often non-existent.

But one of the most distinctive qualities of this coffee is also the one that is most obvious: it is a peaberry. Smaller than a typical bean and cylindrical in shape, peaberry cherries naturally contain a single seed rather than the typical two semi-spherical seeds, which sit flat against one another inside the cherry. Peaberry enthusiasts insist these dense, petite beans are sweeter and more flavorful than standard coffees. While we’re not one to take sides, this coffee has a lovely sweet yet tart profile that lingers on the palate. Notes of black currant, fig and lime along with a silky mouthfeel have made this a favorite on the cupping table.

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