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Organic Ethiopia Hama Rago - Natural Process


Jammy & Complex

Notes of Berry, Cocoa Nib & Floral

Berry sweetness is balanced with soft lemon-like acidity, followed by delicate floral aftertaste.




1900-2400 meters
Wolisho, Kudume, Dega, Heirloom varieties
Sundried Natural Process
Rago, Kochere

Hama Cooperative

Hama Cooperative

The highlands of Kochere, Ethiopia are a mosaic of livestock, motorcycles, small coffee farms and raised drying beds lush with perfectly ripe red coffee cherry, drying slowly in the African sun.

Here the 1,847 members of the Hama Cooperative live and grow some of world's best coffee. The Hama Cooperative sources coffee from nine different communities throughout the Kochere region and this particular lot comes from one of the highest altitude Kebeles (towns) in Kochere called Rago.

When farmers deliver their harvest to the cooperative, cherries are floated in water to separate out those with less density. This practice is common in Latin America, but less so in Ethiopia. This added layer of quality control ensures that the cherries that make it to the drying tables are jam-packed with sugars that impart an intense sweetness as they dry on the seed for the next couple of weeks. This sweetness and complex fruit flavor comes through beautifully in the cup. We couldn't be more excited to offer this special selection from the Hama Cooperative and look forward to working with this group for years to come.

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