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Ethiopia Idido Yirgacheffe


Floral & Complex

Notes of Spring Flowers, Melon & Lemon Zest

Aromatics of spring flowers and musk melon, give way to a round, honeyed body and a sparkling, clean finish.




1900-2400 meters
Kudhume, Dega & Wolisho
Wet Fermentation, Soak, 14-Day Raised Bed Drying
November 2018 - January 2019

Idido Cooperative

Idido Cooperative

Ethiopia Idido makes an impression. Its explosive aromatics and unique, crisp citrus profile continue to earn this coffee, and the farmer cooperative behind it, praise year after year. Our 2013 roast of Idido was named one of the top 15 coffees of the year by Coffee Review, our 2014 and 2016 roasts received Good Food Awards, and every season since Idido has continued to be a favorite in our cupping lab.

Named for the community located just a few kilometers from the cooperative, the Idido Cooperative was established in the late 1970s and joined the ranks of Yirgacheffe Farmer's Union in 2002. The cooperative encompasses washing stations from the communities of Wegida, Aricha, Direto, Ela Tenecha, Bowicha, Haro Badami, and Gerse, where its roughly 1,000 members process their coffee. While its membership is large, each farmer cultivates a modest smallholding, growing cherries on an average of three to four acres.

We have been working with the Idido Cooperative the last seven seasons, and we feel lucky to have been able to travel to the cooperative and strengthen this relationship over the past few years. Seeing the level of high quality picking, processing and drying at this scale, coupled with a commitment to organic farming practices is truly inspiring.

This season’s crop from Idido features a high concentration of the Kudhume varietal, which is known for its small size and exceptional complexity of flavors. Our initial roasts are producing notes of spring flowers, musk melon and lemon zest. And you can believe it tastes as good as it sounds.

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