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Organic Ethiopia Worka Natural Process


Layered & Dynamic

Notes of Peach Compote, Black Tea & Lime

Beautiful fruit complexity opens up to reveal aromatic layers of saturated flavor and a distinctly Ethiopian profile.




2070 meters
Ethiopian Heirloom Varieties
Natural Processed; Cherries Dried in a Thin Layer on African Raised Beds 
November 2018 - February 2019
Chelbessa, Gedeb

Worka Chelbessa Washing Station

Worka Chelbessa Washing Station

This coffee comes to us from a private washing station in Worka Chelbessa, Ethiopia. Chelbessa is one of the largest Kebeles [towns] in Gedeb, a county tucked within the renowned Yirgacheffe region. Thought to be the seedstock of all coffee, the Ethiopian heirloom varieties grown in Yirgacheffe have been cultivated for centuries. Bursting with multi-dimensional fruit flavors, Ethiopia Worka goes above and beyond.

This coffee comes to us from the same washing station as another beloved washed process offering from this season, Organic Ethiopia Chelbessa. A natural process coffee, meaning the cherries are dried whole before removing the flesh to expose the bean, this cup offers an even more pronounced fruit profile.

The Chelbessa Washing Station is run by our friends at SNAP. SNAP partners with some 486 smallholder farmers in and around Chelbessa to sort, process, and export their coffees. This agricultural community’s dedication to their craft is apparent when you sift through the cherries at harvest. Consistency in picking is some of the best we’ve seen, yielding an almost unblemished crop.

The care in cultivation and harvesting is matched by the attention brought to processing. Drying beans outdoors, with the flesh of the cherry left intact for a natural process, has its challenges and requires constant attention to yield the desired results. This is one of those coffees where it all goes right.

Aromatic and complex, Organic Ethiopia Worka brims with dynamic notes of peach compote, black tea and tangy citrus.

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