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Organic Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Hailu Butiya


Bright & Floral

Notes of Cantaloupe, Floral & Black Tea

Cantaloupe and nectarine toned acidity, balanced with light floral overtones and a tea like finish.




1900-2000 Meters
Wolisho, Kudume & Dega
Wet Fermentation, Washed, Raised Bed Drying
November 2015 - January 2016
Wenago, Yirgacheffe

Hailu Butiya

About Hailu Butiya

The majority of Ethiopia’s coffees are grown by very small scale producers who bring their fresh picked cherries to nearby centralized washing stations. Hailu Butiya's coffee is different, it comes from a single farm and was produced by a single farmer. This year, Hailu produced 27 bags (60 kilo) of coffee on his small, 5 hectare farm. Hailu’s farm is located in the Wenago zone, fifteen minutes due Northeast from Yirgacheffe town.

The journey to get there begins with 30 hours of plane rides followed by a grueling seven hour journey by car, often on dirt roads. Located directly south of Addis Ababa, the Yirgacheffe zone (also known as Gedeo) occupies an area of roughly 30 miles by 45 miles. The area provides all of the necessary ingredients to produce the world's best coffees: soaring altitudes, top varietals and excellent processing methods. For us, this area is near and dear to our hearts, routinely producing our favorite coffees on the planet.

Look for sparkly notes of Cantaloupe, black tea, and apricot in this special and unique snapshot of a single farm in our favorite microclimate in the world, Yirgacheffe.

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