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Organic Ethiopia Hama Rago Natural Process


Jammy & Floral

Notes of Berry, Cocoa Nib & Floral

Berry sweetness is balanced with soft lemon-like acidity, with a delicate floral aftertaste.




2000-2400 meters
Wolisho, Kudume, Dega, Heirloom Varieties
Sun-Dried Natural Process


October 2017 - December 2017

Rago, Kochere

Hama Cooperative


In the the highlands of Kochere, Ethiopia, goats trail alongside motorcycles as they skirt across the countryside and raised beds heavy with ripe red cherries dry slowly in the sun. Here the 1,847 members of the Hama Cooperative cultivate some of world's best coffee. A member of the Yirgacheffe Union, the cooperative sources coffee from nine different communities throughout the Kochere region. This particular lot comes from one of the highest altitude kebeles (towns) in Kochere, called Rago.

Legends name this region as the birthplace of coffee, and you can still find heirloom varieties growing wild alongside the road. The acidic, iron-rich soil of this region and its high altitude infuses the cherry with a fruity, aromatic quality distinctive to the place. This heritage also comes through in the care and cultivation of the crop. When farmers deliver their harvest to the cooperative, cherries are floated in water to separate out the less dense and lower quality crop. An uncommon practice in Ethiopia, this added layer of quality control ensures that the cherries that make it to the drying tables are packed with sugars, which impart an intense sweetness as they dry on the seed for the next couple of weeks.

Jammy and aromatic, this coffee blooms beautifully in the cup. Natural process lovers will want to savor this special selection.

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