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Organic Fenenga Fuel


Bold & Balanced

Notes of Fudge, Brown Butter & Vanilla Wafer

Blended just for our friends at Northland College, Fenenga Fuel's namesake was a man whose can-do attitude inspires us to wake early and strive for more. Full-bodied, layered and smooth, Fenenga Fuel offers a deeply satisfying cup to keep you going all day long.

$1 from every online sale of Fenenga Fuel is donated to Northland College, supporting the future of this innovative and dynamic institution. 

Ingredients: 40% Colombia San Fermin and 60% Peru Centrocafe




1650 - 1750 meters
Typica, Bourbon, Caturra, Colombia
Dry Fermentation, Washed, Raised Bed, Patio Drying
May 2018-September 2018
Tolima, Colombia

Cajamarca, Peru.


The first president of Northland College, M.J. Fenenga was a man with a plan (and a pretty exceptional moustache). He transformed a high school academy into a college campus, and he did so with style. Nearly every freshman since 1966 has lived in the building that bears his name, Fenenga Hall. And his tenacity and verve continue to inspire faculty and students alike to think differently and live differently.

Fenenga Fuel tips its hat to this man of big ideas. The drink of choice for thinkers, innovators, and passionate scholars, this rich blend of our favorite Latin American coffees will keep you going all day long. So fuel up and take the world by storm.

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