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Organic Peru Huabal


Sweet & Chocolatey

Notes of Plum, Door County Cherry & Citrus

Flavors of plum and door county cherry with citrusy acidity and a rich, almond sweetness.




1450-1900 meters
Typica, Caturra, Bourbon & Catimor
Dry Fermentation, Washed, Raised Bed, Patio Drying
June 2016 - September 2016
Huabal, Cajamarca

Peru Huabal

About Huabal

In 2012, we broke new ground in one of our longest running cooperative relationships: we began buying our yearly Peruvian harvest exclusively from the village of Huabal, which is vaulted high in the Andes above the city of Jaen. We teamed up with Huabal through our long-term partners at the Cenfrocafe Cooperative. Over the years, Cenfocafe has grown steadily, which is wonderful for their farmer members and communities, but that growth can also result in less direct contact with our farmer partners. This ongoing relationship with Huabal is changing just that.

This past September, we did what we've done several harvests prior: traveled to Huabal to meet with the leaders of the Brillante Perla Andina association on Wilson Santos's farm. Brilliante is one of 100 local associations that represent the 2,300 producers within Cenfrocafe. It's always incredible to spend time with the leaders and producers of Huabal and especially great to witness the open communication and support that flows between farmer members and the cooperative, which is difficult when farms are widely distributed and remote.

Initially, we were excited about Huabal given their elevation, varietals and focus on quality. After walking their farms and meeting the community face-to-face, we see now that we not only have farmer partners in the community, but friends in an industry that spans entire hemispheres.

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