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Organic Peru La Guava


Elegant & Tropical

Notes of Honey, Starfruit & Pear

This coffee is bursting with honey-like sweetness, and a round syrupy body. Finishing with a complex fruit profile, layered with starfruit and pear.




1800 meters
Dry Fermented, Washed, Raised Bed Dried
June - September 2018
El Progreso

Alex Cabrera


Peru has always had exceptional coffee. The country’s diverse landscape offers a broad palate of experiences. The Andes mountain range stretches across the rural countryside, creating unique, high altitude microclimates, each with their own expression of the Peruvian terroir.

This summer, we made our yearly pilgrimage to Peru to visit long term partners and explore some lesser known farms tucked into the mountainous terrain. Over the years, as we’ve tasted countless cups and scaled the Andes in rattling trucks, we’ve been able to hone in on the specific regions and individual farmers whose coffee sparks excitement and intrigue. We’ve found that the more traceability we have to an individual farm, the better the coffee, and the discoveries of our most recent trip proved as inspiring as ever.

This coffee comes from a single farm, Finca El Guava. Owned and operated by Alex Cabrera, this small, 3-hectare farm sits at 1800 meters. Alex cultivates a mix of both Caturra and Colombia varieties, but we were able to work with him to select out a lot of pure Caturra, one of our favorite coffee varieties. At this altitude, Caturra grows more slowly, concentrating the sugars that feed the coffee plant more densely in the seed, offering a sweeter, more elegant cup.

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