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Organic Revelry Holiday Blend


Merry & Bright

Notes of Fig, Fruitcake & Honeysuckle

Sweet black tea and peach compote flavors are complimented by a fig-like dark fruit quality, finishing clean, fruity and floral.

Bring on the figgy pudding, Revelry is here to celebrate! 

Ingredients: 50% Ethiopia Chelbessa Washed, 50% Ethiopia Worka Natural Process




2070 meters
Ethiopia Heirloom Varieties
A Blend of Washed and Natural Processed Coffees

November 2018- February 2019
Chelbessa, Gedeb

Organic Revelry Holiday Blend

About Organic Revelry Holiday Blend

Though the light may dwindle, there is a certain sparkle to the holidays. The shimmer of fresh snow and the glitter of tinsel gives a skip to our step even in the depths of winter.

We wanted to create a holiday blend that captured the brilliance of this time of year. So we decided to shoot for the moon and craft a coffee that would turn your merrymaking into something really special.

This year’s Revelry pairs two of the season’s standout washed and natural process coffees: Ethiopia Chelbessa and Ethiopia Worka Natural Process. Both coffees come to us from the Chelbessa Washing Station in the renowned Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia. Thought to be the seedstock of all coffee, the heirloom varieties grown in Yirgacheffe have been cultivated for centuries, rooting the coffee in a rich history and an almost mythic quality.

Conjuring those nostalgic flavors of fig pudding and fruitcake, with notes of sweet black tea and a honeysuckle finish, this exceptional blend of heirloom varieties makes for a cup worthy of the season. Spirited, fruity, and luminous, Revelry is a true celebration.

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