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Organic Spring Blend


Floral & Clean

Notes of Lime Blossom, Apricot & Honey

Delicate layers of lime blossom, apricot and honey.

Visit our blog to learn more about Nick Wroblewski, the artist created the woodcut art for each of our blends.




1800-2200 meters
Ethiopia Heirloom Varieties
Dry Fermentation, Overnight Soak, Washed, African Raised Bed Drying

Oromia, Sidama, Yirgacheffe

Organic Spring Blend

About Organic Spring Blend

We can’t touch the renewing spirit of springtime in the Driftless, but this blend is our attempt to come close. Floral and vibrant, this year’s Spring Blend is a combination of three coffees from Ethiopia. Each of these coffees comes from a distinct region in Ethiopia—Oromia, Sidama and Yirgacheffe. We hope this blend wakes you up and gets you out of the house.

About Limu Kossa
The Kossa farm is vaulted high in the Western Highlands of Ethiopia in the town of Limu, Oromia. Here, indigenous heirloom varieties of coffee cover the countryside and produce cherries more slowly due to high altitude conditions. This slow maturation makes the coffee more dense with sweetness and amplifies the unique flavors of this region. Unlike production in the rest of the world, in Ethiopia, coffee fermentation takes place underwater, which allows the coffee seeds to slightly germinate and impart a distinct flavor. After washing away the remaining softened fruit, coffee is spread in a thin layer on raised beds and allowed to slowly dry in the sun. This process produces an extremely clean and nuanced cup that is an articulate expression of the region's terroir.

About Haru

We first visited Haru back in 2012 on our first sourcing trip to Ethiopia. Since that trip, we have been there two more times, visiting the wet mill and farmers of the Haru community. The Haru Cooperative was established in 1975, and they joined the ranks of the Yirgacheffe Farmer Union in 2002. Their wet mill is situated at an extremely high altitude of 1900 meters. This Yirgacheffe is floral forward. Delicate and dramatic, its lemongrass quality is balanced by a round, honeyed sweetness.

About Fero

We've tasted coffee from many groups in the Sidama Union of Growers, but over time, we have zeroed in on the Fero Cooperative. Their coffee shines due to their particular locale, which is vaulted high in the mountains above the Rift Valley at nearly 2,000 meters. The Fero cooperative is a long-standing partner of our importing cooperative: Cooperative Coffees. We always look forward to tasting this coffee each year.

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