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Organic Spring Blend


Balanced & Floral

Notes of Plum, Cherry & Spice

Flavors of plum and tart door county cherry with sweet milk chocolate.

Ingredients: 70% Peru Cenfrocafe, 30% Rwanda Kodukak

Visit our blog to learn more about Nick Wroblewski, the artist created the woodcut art for each of our blends.




1450-2100 meters
Typica, Caturra, Bourbon & Catimor
Dry Fermentation, Washed, Raised Bed, Patio Drying
June 2016 - September 2016
Cajamarca, Southern Kivu, Kigeyo

Organic Spring Blend

About Organic Spring Blend

This year, Spring Blend is comprised of three very different coffees that when combined create something striking and unique. Coffee from the Cenfrocafe Cooperative in Peru gives this coffee a sturdy, milk chocolately base, while the Congo and the Rwanda components add brightness, fruit characteristics and complexity.


This past September, we traveled to Cajamarca, Peru to meet with the leaders of the Brillante Perla Andina association, one of 100 local associations that represent the 2,300 producers within Cenfrocafe. It was incredible to spend time with the leaders and producers of Huabal region and especially great to witness the open communication and support that flows between farmer members and the cooperative.


SOPACDI has helped to strengthen the Congolese coffee economy by organizing farmers, providing resources for improving quality and efficiency, as well as partnering with NGOs like Twin Trading to give its members access to international specialty markets. Since its inception in 2002, SOPACDI has grown to more than 5,200 members divided into 10 primary societies. Over the past few years, we have traveled to the DRC and tasted coffees from several regions of this sprawling cooperative. We've identified coffees coming from the community of Kiluku as some of the best in the country. 


On the opposite side of Lake Kivu 1900m above the shores, sits the Kodukak cooperative. Gifted with both high altitude and the beloved Bourbon variety of coffee this 990 member cooperative (nearly 1/3 of whom are women) produces some of the countries most beautiful coffees.

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