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Organic Summer Solstice


Sweet & Punchy

Notes of Red Fruit, Chocolate & Citrus

The sweet milk chocolate base is balanced with bright citrus acidity and highlighted with notes of ripe cherry and pomegranate. A taste that is both familiar and unique.

Ingredients: 60% Colombia Asopep and 40% Ethiopia Sidama Fero

Visit our blog to learn more about Nick Wroblewski, the artist created the woodcut art for each of our blends.




1650-2100 meters
Caturra, Bourbon, Colombia, Castillo & Ethiopia Heirloom Varieties
24 hr. dry fermentation, washed, sun-dried on parabolic patios, raised beds
October 2016 - Feburary 2017
Bilbao, Tolima, Sidama

Organic Summer Solstice

About Summer Solstice

Like anyone else, we get excited about summer. After all, summer around here means floating down the Kickapoo River, late night fires under the stars and loads of fresh crop coffee. We know we can't get it all into a blend, but no one's going to stop us from trying.

Bright and energetic, this blend balances its good timin' with a touch of mellow milk chocolate sweetness. It's floral, fruity and surprisingly full-bodied.

Only bummer is Summer Solstice always leaves us feeling a bit like summer itself--it's gone too soon.

About Fero Cooperative:

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee and the Sidama Union of Growers (comprised of 80,000 farmers), which put the region's traditional knowledge into practice through nearly 50 regional base co-ops. We've tasted coffee from many of these groups and over time have zeroed in on the Fero Cooperative. Their coffee shines due to their particular locale, which is vaulted high in the mountains above the Rift Valley at nearly 2,000 meters. This impressive elevation causes the coffee cherries to mature slowly, developing a physically dense bean, filled with nuanced and complex flavors. We've been visiting the Sidama Union for many years and have been working with Fero for the last five. Each season, we import our lot of Fero through our cooperatively-owned importer, Cooperative Coffees.

About ASOPEP Cooperative:

The ASOPEP Cooperative consists of 162 members; each owns and operates a farm averaging 2.5 hectares in size. This cooperative of small farmers is very well organized and has started to invest in the next generation of their cooperative by building systems that are efficient and transparent. In the past couple of years, they have been training younger members in cupping and in farm level quality control to continue to improve cup quality for years to come.

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